[OpenStack-Infra] Continued discussion of Winterscale naming

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Tue Aug 21 18:33:06 UTC 2018

The Infra team has been brainstorming and collecting feedback in
https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/infra-services-naming as to what
actual name/domain the Winterscale effort will use. If you've not
been following along, the earlier discussions can be found in the
following mailing list threads:


So far the "short list" at the bottom of the pad seems to contain
only one entry: OpenDev.

The OpenStack Foundation has offered to let us take control of
opendev.org for this purpose if we would like. They have it mainly
as a defensive registration to protect the OpenDev Conference brand,
but use a separate opendevconf.org domain for that at present. The
opendev.org domain is just sitting parked on the same nameservers as
openstack.org right now, not in use for anything. The brand itself
has a positive connotation in the community so far, and the OpenDev
Conferences share a lot of similar goals (bringing communities of
people together to collaborate openly on design and development
activities) so this even provides some useful synergy around the
name and possible promotional tie-ins with the events if we like.

I know lots of us are eager to move forward on the rebranding, so I
wanted to wake this discussion back up and try to see if we can
drive it to a conclusion. As we continue to take on hosting for
additional large projects, having somewhere for them to send the
contributors and users in their community which has a distinct
identity unclouded by OpenStack itself will help make our services
much more welcoming. If you don't particularly like the OpenDev idea
or have alternatives you think might achieve greater consensus
within our team and present a better image to our extended
community, present and future, please update the above mentioned pad
or follow up to this mailing list thread. Thanks!
Jeremy Stanley
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