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Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Tue May 16 18:32:36 UTC 2017

On 2017-05-16 09:37:35 +0200 (+0200), Ben Fox-Moore wrote:
> Is the release of JJB considered as a stable release? PyPi has
> been updated to reference it, but there's still a branch labelled
> 'stable' which suggests that master isn't.

PyPI is a bit misleading here. It can either be configured to
display _all_ releases by default (allowing you to manually go
through and "hide" things like beta releases) or it can be
configured to display only the most recent upload and hide all
earlier uploads (what we have set currently). This is suboptimal in
the case of non-chronological release ordering, e.g. when releasing
different series from different branches.

In this case the JJB dev team are working toward a 2.0.0 release
from the master branch which brings in a lot of new features and
also some backward incompatibilities (hence the major version bump a
la SemVer), of which the release is the most recent
beta-test version you can try out. Because of the lengthy beta
period, it was necessary to backport some critical fixes to the last
production release (1.6.0) without introducing new backward
incompatibilities so the stable/1.6 branch was created and
subsequent 1.6.x releases tagged there (1.6.2 reflecting the current
state of that branch).

> If it's not, could a new release be made, as there have been a lot of
> changes since 1.6.2.

If there are critical bug fixes you need on top of 1.6.2 we can try
to get those backported and a new 1.6.3 release tagged to
incorporate them. If you need new features only present in master
slated for the coming 2.0.0 release and don't need to worry about
upgrading existing configuration to accommodate the changes it's
bringing, then it's probably okay to try the beta versions (it looks
like there's been quite a few new commits in master over the past
couple months, so maybe it's time for either or even

All that said, I'm not really an active developer on JJB so the dev
team members on it may have other/better advice for you once they
see this ML thread.
Jeremy Stanley
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