[OpenStack-Infra] Week-end project

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Thu Dec 12 09:21:13 UTC 2013


If anyone is looking for a limited-scope infra project to get more
familiar with OpenStack Infra, I have a suggestion:

Gerrit-powered meetings agenda

Currently people modify a wiki page and some other people (me) are
subscribed to page changes and manually reflect them in a Google
Calendar, which can be downloaded/imported as .ics. This is extremely
error-prone and quite time-consuming.

The idea would be to let people propose Gerrit changes to a simplified
YAML description of the meetings, and have *that* produce a .ics file on
merge, and publish it to an accessible URL. We'd also publish a
human-readable meetings list somewhere (to replace the wiki page).

The format of the YAML file would limit errors (all times in UTC,
limited set of event repetition options etc.) and be much easier to
manipulate than raw iCalendar. There is a icalendar Python module that
can be used to write .ics but you still need to learn about that file

Bonus points for testing for room occupation conflicts automatically

This one has been sitting at the bottom of my TODO list for quite a
while, so I figure I should let someone else have a shot at it: I think
it's a great way to visit a number of aspects of OpenStack infra &
development: gerrit, check tests, merge jobs, docs publication... all in
a small package !

Let me now what you think,

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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