[OpenStack-I18n] Ocata dashboard translation: 100% and a feature request for Zanata

Ian Y. Choi ianyrchoi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 05:32:31 UTC 2017

Hello Will,

Thanks a lot for coordinating translation activities in Chinese team.
Also I appreciate the help and translation contributions also with 
*vuuv, liujunpeng, sunanchen, zhugaoxiao *and*xiangbinbin* .

Stable branch translations will be finalized within this week,
although I need to more figure out the current translation status with 
rc version status on OpenStack projects.


I think Will's feature request looks nice.
Would it possible to support rst syntax validation like supported 
formats in projects
mentioned in: 
http://docs.zanata.org/en/release/user-guide/documents/raw-documents/ ?

With many thanks,


Will Zhou wrote on 2/11/2017 7:09 PM:
> Hi Ian and Daisy,
> With the contribution of Simplified Chinese translators, *vuuv, 
> liujunpeng, sunanchen, zhugaoxiao *and*xiangbinbin*, Ocata dashboard 
> translation reaches 100%! Great thanks for their dedication:)
> As you are working with Zanata team for bug fix and feature 
> implementation, here is a tiny feature request for the team from vuuv 
> (Thank vuuv for bring out this request).
> We need to have Zanata tool to validate symbols ```` and its 
> completion. For example, ``templateName`` from the string 
> <https://translate.openstack.org/webtrans/translate?project=murano-dashboard&iteration=master&localeId=zh-CN&locale=en%20#view:doc;doc:releasenotes/source/locale/releasenotes;search:parameters%20under%20%60%60parameterName%60%60> as 
> below:
>  *
>     ``ref(templateName[,parameterName][,idOnly])``YAQLfunctionwasaddedtoUIdefinitionDSL.Thisfunctionevaluatestemplate``templateName``andfixestheresultinparametersunder``parameterName``key(or``templateName``ifthesecondparameterwasomitted).ThenitgeneratesobjectIDandplacesitinto``?/id``field.Onthefirstuseof``parameterName``orif``idOnly``is``false``thefunctionwillreturnthewholeobjectstructure.Onsubsequentcallsorif``idOnly``is``true``itwillreturntheIDthatwasgenerateduponthefirstcall.Thusthefunctionbringsabilitytoreferencesingleobjectseveraltimes.
> We need to tool to check the translation ``templateName`` and make 
> sure it consists two symbols '``'. If there is no '`' or only one 
> '``', like /templateNam/ or /``templateNam/, the tool will prompt errors.
> Thanks and have a nice weekend:)
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