[OpenStack-I18n] stackalytics translation stats API is broken????

Kato, Tomoyuki kato.tomoyuki at jp.fujitsu.com
Sun May 15 07:10:14 UTC 2016

> Hmm... It seems a problem is limited to "stable-mitaka vs stable/mitaka".
> It seems 'master' version of translation stats also has a problem.

okay, good information. thanks.

> I translated more than 2000 words in 'master' version, but
> stackalytics says I translated only 251 words.

To understand the situation more exactly,
which do you mean 2000 "Words" or "Messages" at Zanata?

> Is it better that I stop translation?

If exact stats is important for you, you should stop translation.
Otherwise, translation process itself works fine.
Also, I'm not sure, but we will get proper stats
after stackalytics works fine.

KATO Tomoyuki

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