[Openstack-i18n] Zanata trial starts ! Please register and try - requirements before production

Steve Kowalik steven at wedontsleep.org
Fri Aug 21 07:01:20 UTC 2015

Hi Daisy,

On 21/08/15 16:35, Ying Chun Guo wrote:
> Could you add three more languages?
> These languages have good progress in Horizon (only) but bad progress in
> the overall view.
> So I missed these languages in the previous list.
> Please add them.
> Filipino ( fil )
 > Telugu (India) (te_IN)

I've added these two, thanks.

> Georgian ( ka_GE)

This was already in my list.

> BTW, I don't know if changing underscore to dash will cause any
> unexpected issues.
> Have you ever tried to pull translations from Zanata and then store in
> git repo ?
> I don't know if the folder names ( same as language codes ) would be
> changed.
> Or you use some special codes to change dash back to underscore while
> pulling translations and before storing in git repo ?

I have tested it, and it works fine, the Zanata client transforms the 
dash back into an underscore, and writes to the correct locations in the 
git repo thanks to the rules we have written in the zanata.xml file.

The plan is that the language codes in Zanata will be identical to the 
ones we use in the git repos. (Ignoring the difference between _ and -, 

In the beginning was the word, and the word was content-type: text/plain

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