[Openstack-i18n] Zanata trial starts ! Please register and try - requirements before production

Steve Kowalik steven at wedontsleep.org
Fri Aug 21 05:50:24 UTC 2015

Hi Daisy,

On 10/08/15 19:43, Ying Chun Guo wrote:
> 1. Language codes
> In Transifex, there are 44 languages which have progress.
> Some of the language codes only contain language codes, the others
> contain language codes plus locale codes.
> The language code format in Transifex is language codes ( in small case
> ) + underline ("_") + locale codes ( in big case ), for example, ko_KR.
> The language code format in Zanata is language codes ( in small case ) +
> hyphen ("-") + locale codes ( in small case ), for example, ko-kr.
> I don't know if the different format will cause issues because language
> codes are the folder names in OpenStack git repo.

It did not with Zanata 3.6.2, since we were telling the Zanata client to 
map from ko-kr to ko_KR. Since the move to 3.7.1, we can not perform the 
mapping, so moving forward we will use ko-KR.

> Refer to Horizon repo [1].
> Please help to verify that.
> Besides the format differences, I also notice some languages are missed
> in Zanata.
> They are: bg_BG, gu, ks, kok, mai, mni, mr, pa_IN, ta, ur. These
> languages should be added.
> And in Zanata, there are some languages which should be removed from
> Zanata.
> They are: bn, nl, en-au, en-Au, en-aU, en-gb, fi, ko, pl-P, pl-p, pt-B,
> sl-, te.
> Considering the format differences and the language lists differences,
> I suggest that we update the database to configure the language codes
> just same as Transifex.
> And then export all the translations of these languages into Zanata.
> I have written down the list of language codes in Transfiex which have
> any progress in the trail feedback page. [2]

I have gone through your list, and converted them into the locale code 
that Zanata expects (a dash, rather than an underscore).

When Elizabeth and I set up the new translate-dev, I will be creating 
the following locales on it:


Can you look over that list and let me know if there are any you wish to 
add or remove?

<bob2> joy hasn't spoken on IRC in 45 seconds, he must be MIA!

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