[Openstack-i18n] Glossary clarification?

Ying Chun Guo guoyingc at cn.ibm.com
Fri Aug 22 05:39:32 UTC 2014

Hi, Andreas

Thank you for asking.
My question is:
I see glossary is a part of documents, not a single document.
If we translate glossary, could it be published alone? How could
translators see their results of work?

I had a talk with Tom Fifiled.
He helped to address these questions:

There is one XML file that includes all glossary terms.
When a book uses a glossary term inside, doc authors mark it with some
special syntax, eg. <glossterm>account</glossterm>,
This generates a custom glossary for each book.
This is why I see a different glossary for each book.
That entire file is actually published to
If glossary-terms.xml is translated
then all books will have a translated glossary and that particular special
page will also be translated.
Note also: the operations guide has a copy of the glossary. This is
automatically copied. It is an identical file.
So only glossary-terms.xml in the openstack-manuals/doc/glossary folder
needs translation.
Translations will also be automatically copied to operations-guide

I also talked with Tom about how to display the localized glossary.
If the localized glossary could be displayed with both English terms and
localized terms, it will be wonderful.
i.e. English term is ahead, localized term is followed in a same line,
Below is the explanation, completed localized.

The localized glossary page will include the mapping information between
English term to localized term.
And the terms could be sorted in English alphabetical order.
That will be display a great localized glossary.
But we need write some scripts to implement such function.

Any thoughts or comments?

Best regards
Ying Chun Guo (Daisy)

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> [Openstack-i18n] Glossary clarification?
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> "08/21/2014 - Waiting for a feedback from the doc team about the content
> of the Glossary "
> What exactly is your question? could you give some background, please?
> Andreas
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