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FUEL GILT Conference 2014!

Welcome to the 2nd FUEL GILT Conference - the largest event of FOSS
language technology - its challenges, solutions, best practices and its
conventions. FUEL GILT Conference is all about language technology world,
all about GILT industry - G11N, I18N, L10N, and translation world. The
event is showcase of the efforts of volunteer communities and different
organizations in the field of language technology. This event also tells us
the pain and conflicts of different cultures and languages. All things are
revolved around the language - related to words! We are the worshipper of

So, please mark your calendar - possibly 2nd/3rd week of November 2014. And
the place is Pune, India - culturally one of the most vibrant city of
India! We will announce the final date in about two weeks. Like last year,
the organizers of FUEL GILT Conference are Red Hat and C-DAC GIST! Thanks a
lot to both the organizations for continuous support and helping hand.

FUEL is growing only because of the support of volunteer communities
world-wide and several well known organizations! The power of the event is
the power of collaboration, the power of sharing, the power of
volunteerism! Currently, c.60 language communities are working with the
FUEL Project.

Since 2008, FUEL Project is consistently working with the different
language communities to provide standard linguistic resources eg.
terminologies, style guides, assessment methods etc to the world.

Like last year, please collaborate and cooperate to make the event a huge

Please keep visiting here for more details:

Here you can find report about 1st FUEL GILT Conference 2013:



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