[Openstack-i18n] Vote results - translation importing policy

Ying Chun Guo guoyingc at cn.ibm.com
Thu Sep 26 08:45:20 UTC 2013


I got 13 answers for this vote.
( I'm very happy to see so many active people in this mailing list. That's
great. )

Here is the result:
1.  importing policy
Vote results: 5a | 3b | 9c | 1d
2.  Whether to keep the old translations in Horizon
Vote results: 4a | 6b | 2c (language coordinator decided)

So the final answer to these 2 questions are:
1. language coordinator decided
2. No

@ Coordinators of completed translation teams:
If you are NOT comfortable to import the translations of your language in
Havanna RC1, please let us know.

@ Coordinators of other translation teams:
If you want to import your translations in RC1, please let us know.

I see the translations of Spanish and Russian are very active.
If you are not comfortable to import your translations in RC1,
you still have chance to import them in RC2 and the final release.

Please let us know your decision as soon as possible, so that Akihiro
Motoki can start the importing.
Thank you for your hard work!

---vote answers---
1.  importing policy

c   - language coordinator decided
d   - All
b   - 90% translated.
a/c - 100% translated, or language coordinator decided (maybe not 100%)
b   - only if 90% translated is possible, otherwise A
a/c - 100% translated, or language coordinator decided (maybe not 100%)
c   - language coordinator decided
c   - language co-ordinator decided
a/b/c - but if around 95-100%, coordinator decided.
c   - Language coordinator decided
a/c - 100% translated or coordinator decided (or active translator if no
a   - I think 100 %translated should be our goal
c   - language coordinator decided

2.  Whether to keep the old translations in Horizon

b – No
a - Older versions of translations if in the past had become part of any
release should be kept.
a - But 100% translated. If Long term support version,  All keep. :)
c - If no language coodinator  b> No, else language coordinator decided
a -
c - If no language coordinator b> No, else language coordinator decided
a - if no coordinator, else language coordinator decided
b -
b -
b - "Yes" in general, but **NO** for Havana.
b -
b - No if there is such a technical reason as Akihiro mentioned.


Ying Chun Guo (Daisy)

> Ying Chun Guo/China/IBM
> 2013/09/25 17:03
> To
> openstack-i18n at lists.openstack.org,
> cc
> Subject
> Call for vote: translation importing policy
> Hi, team
> We are just before the translation importing, and we haven't gotten
> a consensus to the importing policy.
> Let's do a vote then.
> The vote will be opened for 24 hours.
> I only open this vote to i18n mail list yet.
> But I will publish the vote results to public mail list and ask for
> The result of this vote will be used for Havanna RC1.
> If we got strong opposition from the public mail list,
> we still have chance to change it in Havanna RC2 and Havanna offical
> Please let us know your opinion.
> -------------------------------------------------
> 1. Which importing policy do you choose? (the policy to be used to
> import translations from Transifex to Horizon )
> a> 100% translated
> b> 50% translated, ( or you can specify another percentage number )
> c> language coordinator decided
> d> All languages in Transifex
> e> others ____________
> 2. Whether to keep the old translations in Horizon?
> (There are some old translation po/mo files in Horizon.
> They are old version. Most of them are not completed. )
> a> Yes
> b> No
> Regards
> Ying Chun Guo (Daisy)
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