[OpenStack-docs] [install guide] team meeting notes 3/24

Karin Levenstein karin.levenstein at RACKSPACE.COM
Tue Mar 24 13:16:37 UTC 2015

Sorry about confusion with the links and such; Google Hangout and I do not seem to get along.

Bernd Bausch
Karen Bradshaw
Matt Kassawara

Bernd: has set up VMs, started installing software, will be testing current version of install guide with Kilo and Red Hat
Matt: figuring out Kilo:
Added a Rabbit user instead of Guest, since Rabbit has disabled remote guest access
Keystone: changing from being backed by SQL and eventlet as the front end; neither scales well
Working on a patch of have Apache sit in front of keystone and memcached sit on the back
Matt will make the changes to handle the Ubuntu changes; some will apply to Red Hat as well. Bernd offered to look into that when the patch comes around.
Karen: welcome!

Brief discussion of RST, breaking up the guide by OS:
Obviously this will happen post-Kilo
Main issues: dealing with RST's handling of conditionals and how that favors breaking up the guide.
Question of how to handle common config files vs. different packages.
Bernd: has written an extension for RST conditionals, might help? Recommended talking to Anne and others working on RST

Meeting time:
Currently painful for US, moving later in the US morning would be quite late for APAC, though Bernd would be amenable to moving it back an hour (thanks, Bernd!)
Possibility of alternating meeting times, similar to the OpenStack docs meetings.
Karin to develop schedule, will send out update/links.
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