[Watcher] Datasource plugins?

Jing Geng (BLOOMBERG/ 120 PARK) jgeng25 at bloomberg.net
Mon Apr 26 22:03:33 UTC 2021

Hi There, 

Currently Watcher supports many kinds of plugins, including actions, cluster data model collector, goals... In fact, it seems everything has plugins except for datasources (metrics). I wonder if there is any reason that so far Watcher doesn't provide plugins for datasources? 

Another question is, if I'd like to build plugin infrastructure for datasources, which means changing this DataSourceBase class so it extends loadable.Loadable and abc.ABCMeta, like other base classes for plugins, will this be supported by the community? I hope this idea will be supported, especially when there have already been several projects that tried to make datasources more flexible (Formal Datasource Interface, File based Metric Map,  Grafana proxy datasource...). It seems to me that we should just provide plugins for datasources so Watcher can work with any metric system that has been deployed. If I missed something and it isn't a good idea, please also let me know why. Looking forward to contributing to the community! 

Jing Geng  
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