[StoryBoard] Forum + PTG Summary

Stephen Finucane sfinucan at redhat.com
Tue May 14 13:04:31 UTC 2019

On Mon, 2019-05-13 at 22:38 -0700, Kendall Nelson wrote:
> Hello Everyone :) 
> Quick summaries of what we talked about during the sessions in
> Denver. If you have any questions about anything below feel free to
> reply or drop into #storyboard and ask us there!
> Forum (Ibuprofen for Your StoryBoard Pain Points)------------------
> -------------------------------------------------
> The Forum session went really well. We had a pretty full room and
> lots of engagement from basically everyone. There were no real
> surprises about anything people were having issues with or new
> features they needed added that we didn't already know about. It was
> nice that we weren't blindsided by anything and seem to have a pretty
> good feel on the pulse of what people (that have spoke up at least)
> are asking for. 
> The most entertaining part was that it had never occurred to us to do
> StoryBoard onboarding (both for howto use it and another for how to
> get started on developing for Storyboard) but also might be a really
> helpful thing for us to do at the next event. We talked about trying
> to fit it in before the end of the week, but our schedules were just
> too full to make it happen.

There's an alternative. Personally, I've found images or small videos
(GIFs?) embedded in user manuals for web apps to be amazing for this
kind of stuff. I realize these take some time to produce but pictures
truly are worth their weight in gold. (/me sobs about not having Visio
since switching to Fedora). I'm pretty much a Storyboard newb so I'd be
happy to review anything you produced in this space, if it would help?
> I'm still working through making sure everything that needs to
> becomes a story in our backlog, but that should be done by the end of
> the week. 
> Etherpad from Forum Session: 
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/storyboard-pain-points
> ------
> During the PTG, Adam and I basically just sat down and did a full run
> through of all open stories. We closed duplicates, cleaned up old
> vague stories, replied to stories that we had questions about. It was
> all very cathartic. 
> Next step is to make sure all the new stories got created that we
> need to and do another pass through to make sure its all tagged
> accurately. After that, we should document what tags we are using in
> our contributor documentation. 
> Etherpad we used during the purge: 
> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/sb-train-ptg
> -Kendall Nelson (diablo_rojo)
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