[telemetry][monasca][self-healing] Team meeting agenda for tomorrow

Witek Bedyk witold.bedyk at suse.com
Thu May 9 12:35:01 UTC 2019

> But then we need some kind of timeseries framework within OpenStack as a
> whole (through an Oslo library?),

What would be the requirements and the scope of this framework from your 
point of view?

> and also we must decide on a backend.
> Right now, the only serious thing we have is Gnocchi, since influxdb is
> gone through the open core model. Or do you have something else to suggest?

Monasca can be used as the backend. As TSDB it uses Apache Cassandra 
with native clustering support or InfluxDB.
Monasca uses Apache Kafka as the message queue. It can replicate and 
partition the measurements into independent InfluxDB instances. 
Additionally Monasca API could act as the load balancer monitoring the 
healthiness of InfluxDB instances and routing the queries to the 
assigned shards. We want to work in Train cycle to add upstream all 
configuration options to allow such setup [1].
Your feedback, comments and contribution are very welcome.


[1] https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2005620

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