OpenStack Kubernetes uninitialized taint on minion nodes

Pawel Konczalski pawel.konczalski at
Mon May 6 12:01:31 UTC 2019


i try to deploy a Kubernetes cluster with OpenStack Magnum. So far the 
deployment works fine except for the uninitialized taints attribute on 
the worker / minion nodes.

This has to be removed manually, only after that is it possible to 
deploy containers in the cluster. Any idea how to fix / automate this 
that Magnum automaticaly deploy functional cluster?

openstack coe cluster template create kubernetes-cluster-template \
   --image Fedora-AtomicHost-29-20190429.0.x86_64 \
   --external-network public \
   --dns-nameserver \
   --master-flavor m1.kubernetes \
   --flavor m1.kubernetes \
   --coe kubernetes \
   --volume-driver cinder \
   --network-driver flannel \
   --docker-volume-size 25

openstack coe cluster create kubernetes-cluster \
   --cluster-template kubernetes-cluster-template \
   --master-count 1 \
   --node-count 2 \
   --keypair mykey

kubectl describe nodes | grep Taints
[fedora at kubernetes-cluster9-efikj2wr5lsi-master-0 ~]$ kubectl describe 
nodes | grep Taints
Taints:             CriticalAddonsOnly=True:NoSchedule

kubectl taint nodes --all

[root at kubernetes-cluster31-vrmbz6yjvuvd-master-0 /]# kubectl describe 
nodes | grep Taints
Taints:             dedicated=master:NoSchedule
Taints:             <none>
Taints:             <none>



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