[tripleo] deprecating keepalived support

Emilien Macchi emilien at redhat.com
Mon May 6 09:27:05 UTC 2019

We introduced Keepalived a long time ago when we wanted to manage virtual
IPs (VIPs) on the Undercloud when SSL is enabled and also for an HA
alternative to Pacemaker on the overcloud,
The multi-node undercloud with more than once instance of Keepalived never
got attraction (so VRRP hasn't been useful for us), and Pacemaker is the
de-facto tool to control HA VIPs on the Overcloud.
Therefore, let's continue to trim-down our services and deprecate


The creation of control plane IP & public host IP can be done with
os-net-config, and the upgrade path is simple.
I've been working on 2 patches:

# Introduce tripleo-container-rpm role
Deprecate tripleo-docker-rm and add a generic role which supports both
Docker & Podman.
In the case of Podman, we cleanup the systemd services and container.

# Deprecate Keepalived
Remove Keepalived from all the roles, deprecate the service, tear-down
Keepalived from the HAproxy service (if it was running), and use
os-net-config to configure the interfaces previously managed by Keepalived

I've tested the upgrade and it seems to work fine:

Please let us know any concern and we'll address it.
Emilien Macchi
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