[Deploy problem] deploy openstack+monasca with kolla-ansible [kolla]

Doug Szumski doug at stackhpc.com
Thu May 2 08:21:39 UTC 2019

On 01/05/2019 08:45, Ming-Che Liu wrote:
> Hello,
> I deployed openstack+monasca with kolla-ansible

It doesn't look like Monasca is enabled in your globals.yml file. Are 
you trying to set up OpenStack services first and then enable Monasca 
afterwards? You can also deploy Monasca standalone if that is useful:


> I follow the steps as mentioned in 
> https://docs.openstack.org/kolla-ansible/latest/user/quickstart.html
> The setting in my computer's globals.yml as same as [Quick Start] 
> tutorial (attached file: globals.yml is my setting).
> My machine environment as following:
> OS: Ubuntu 16.04
> Kolla-ansible verions:
> ansible version: 2.7
> When I execute [bootstrap-servers] and [prechecks], it seems ok (no 
> fatal error or any interrupt).
> But when I execute [deploy], it will occur some error about 
> rabbitmq(when I set enable_rabbitmq:yes) and nova compute service(when 
> I set  enable_rabbitmq:no).
> I have some detail screenshot about the errors as attached files, 
> could you please help me to solve this problem?

Please can you post more information on why the containers are not starting.

- Inspect rabbit and nova-compute logs (in 

- Check relevant containers are running, and if they are restarting 
check the output. Eg. docker logs --follow nova_compute

> Thank you very much.
> [Attached file description]:
> globals.yml: my computer's setting about kolla-ansible
> As mentioned above, the following pictures show the errors, the 
> rabbitmq error will occur if I set [enable_rabbitmq:yes], the nova 
> compute service error will occur if I set [enable_rabbitmq:no].
> docker-version.png
> kolla-ansible-version.png
> nova-compute-service-error.png
> rabbitmq_error.png

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