[all][tc] Which py3 unit tests to run in Stein

Zane Bitter zbitter at redhat.com
Fri Mar 8 01:01:56 UTC 2019


* Continue with the goal to add py36 tests
* Add py37 tests if you can
* Integration tests are being migrated from Xenial to Bionic before the 
Stein release. Once that migration happens we will drop py35 tests, but 
please don't do it yet

The TC held a special meeting today to determine which versions of 
Python 3 to test in the Stein and Train releases. Minutes are here:


The choice of versions for Train is already well-defined under a formula 
previously agreed by the TC: 

For Train, we will unit test py27, py36, and py37.

We'll capture this in a Zuul template 
(https://review.openstack.org/641878) and set a project-wide goal for 
everyone to switch to it *after* Train development opens. In practice 
this will likely mean that a goal champion will auto-propose 
self-testing patches to all repos, and projects will be able to test and 
merge when ready during Train.

For Stein we already have a project-wide goal for all projects that 
support Python3 to unit test on py36: 
- please complete that if you haven't already done so!

Python3.7 testing is obviously coming up in Train, so if you can add 
py37 jobs now, please do. Some distros are already shipping on py37 and 
they would appreciate it. However, this is not _required_.

The intention is to switch all integration tests from Xenial to Bionic. 
For non-legacy Zuul jobs this switch was already planned for next week. 
The intention now is to switch the bulk of legacy jobs as well - caveats 
apply, so stay tuned for a separate email from gmann with more details 
and the schedule. Completing this migration before the end of Stein 
allows us to drop py35 testing in Train. We *will* eventually drop py35 
support in Stein (we don't want it to run on stable/stein), but *not 
yet*. You can drop py35 once *all* of the integration tests (not just 
the ones for that project) have migrated to Bionic.


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