[openstack-ansible] bug squash day!

Mohammed Naser mnaser at vexxhost.com
Tue Jan 29 16:09:47 UTC 2019

Hi team,

As you may have noticed, bug triage during our meetings has been
something that has kinda killed attendance (really, no one seems to
enjoy it, believe it or not!)

I wanted to propose for us to take a day to go through as much bugs as
possible, triaging and fixing as much as we can.  It'd be a fun day
and we can also hop on a more higher bandwidth way to talk about this
stuff while we grind through it all.

Is this something that people are interested in, if so, is there any
times/days that work better in the week to organize?


Mohammed Naser — vexxhost
D. 514-316-8872
D. 800-910-1726 ext. 200
E. mnaser at vexxhost.com
W. http://vexxhost.com

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