Not getting full bandwidth VXLAN + DVR

Yedhu Sastri yedhusastri at
Fri Jan 25 08:25:36 UTC 2019


In our OpenStack environment(Newton) we are using 10G network in all our
nodes. We are using OVS bridging with VXLAN tunneling and DVR. We also
enabled Jumbo frames in NIC and also in physical switches. We also enabled
VXLAN offloading in our NIC. irqbalance is running which suppose to
distribute the network irqs to all cores of the CPU. But unfortunately we
are only getting below 1G bandwidth when communicate with our VM's with
floating IP's from compute hosts. We tested it using iperf and results are

Host to VM using floating IP - less than 1Gbits/sec
VM to VM using internal IP -  ~2.5Gbits/sec

Any idea or solutions to solve this issue is much appreciated.

With kind regards,
Yedhu Sastri
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