[tc][all] Project deletion community goal for Train cycle

Adrian Turjak adriant at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Jan 11 06:18:15 UTC 2019

Hello OpenStackers!

As discussed at the Berlin Summit, one of the proposed community goals
was project deletion and resource clean-up.

Essentially the problem here is that for almost any company that is
running OpenStack we run into the issue of how to delete a project and
all the resources associated with that project. What we need is an
OpenStack wide solution that every project supports which allows
operators of OpenStack to delete everything related to a given project.

Before we can choose this as a goal, we need to define what the actual
proposed solution is, and what each service is either implementing or
contributing to.

I've started an Etherpad here:

Please add to it if I've missed anything about the problem description,
or to flesh out the proposed solutions, but try to mostly keep any
discussion here on the mailing list, so that the Etherpad can hopefully
be more of a summary of where the discussions have led.

This is mostly a starting point, and I expect there to be a lot of
opinions and probably some push back from doing anything too big. That
said, this is a major issue in OpenStack, and something we really do
need because OpenStack is too big and too complicated for this not to
exist in a smart cross-project manner.

Let's solve this the best we can!


Adrian Turjak

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