[nova] review guide for the bandwidth patches

Bal√°zs Gibizer balazs.gibizer at ericsson.com
Mon Jan 7 12:52:35 UTC 2019

> But, let's chat more about it via a hangout the week after next (week 
> of January 14 when Matt is back), as suggested in #openstack-nova 
> today. We'll be able to have a high-bandwidth discussion then and 
> agree on a decision on how to move forward with this.

Thank you all for the discussion. I agree to have a real-time 
discussion about the way forward.

Would Monday, 14th of Jan, 17:00 UTC[1] work for you for a hangouts[2]?

I see the following topics we need to discuss:
* backward compatibility with already existing SRIOV ports having min 
* introducing microversion(s) for this feature in Nova
* allowing partial support for this feature in Nova in Stein (E.g.: 
only server create/delete but no migrate support).
* step-by-step verification of the really long commit chain in Nova

I will post a summar of each issue to the ML during this week.


[2] https://hangouts.google.com/call/oZAfCFV3XaH3IxaA0-ITAEEI

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