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Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Thu Jan 3 14:22:29 UTC 2019

On 2019-01-03 07:51:55 -0600 (-0600), Sean McGinnis wrote:
> The one thing I have been slightly concerned with is the process
> around using these priority votes. It hasn't been an issue, but I
> could see a scenario where one core (in Cinder we have it set up
> so all cores can use the priority voting) has set something like a
> procedural -1, then been pulled away or is absent for an extended
> period. Like a Workflow -2, another core cannot override that
> vote. So until that person is back to remove the -1, that patch
> would not be able to be merged.

Please treat it as only a last resort, but the solution to this is
that a Gerrit admin (find us in #openstack-infra on Freenode or the
openstack-infra ML on or here on
openstack-discuss with an [infra] subject tag) can selectively
delete votes on a change at the request of a project leader (PTL,
infra liaison, TC member...) to unblock your work.
Jeremy Stanley
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