Post OpenDev Repo Migration Issues

Clark Boylan cboylan at
Sat Apr 20 18:09:07 UTC 2019


There are two quick things we want to point out that we've noticed after the OpenDev Gerrit manuevers.

First, any commit Depends-On footers for unmerged changes will need to use urls instead of urls. This is due to a limitation in Zuul and how it sees the Gerrit server. Any Depends-On footers that  use are currently non-functional and they will not enforce the dependency relationship.

Second, while we have fairly robust http(s) redirects in place for old urls (including those from cgit to gitea) any ssh repo urls will need to be updated to use the new canonical paths if a repo has moved. We are unable to redirect incoming ssh requests against Gerrit. If you need to know what the canonical path is go to the corresponding https repo url and the resulting destination is the canonical location.

Again thank you for your patience,

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