MichaƂ Dulko mdulko at redhat.com
Fri Apr 19 10:59:03 UTC 2019

On Thu, 2019-04-18 at 23:54 -0400, Hongbin Lu wrote:
> Hi all,
> Right now, we have a devstack plugin [1] to install container engine (i.e. docker, cri-o). The plugin is currently used by Zun and Kuryr and under the governance of QA team.
> I am working on a patch [2] to enable k8s installation via devstack. Zun needs this feature to setup the CI for the virtual kubelet provider, and I heard Kuryr also interest to leverage it.
> The original idea is to incorporate k8s installation into devstack-plugin-container, so that we can avoid the overhead to bootstrap and maintain a separated plugin. However, the feedback I received so far gave preference to a separated plugin for k8s, so I sent out this email to collect more opinions.
> Do you prefer a dedicated devstack plugin for k8s, or is fine to reuse the existing container plugin for this purpose?

I looked through the proposed code again and I think I'll soften my
stance here. If we'll keep the code in a separated file and do not mix
the settings of two too much (note that some dependency is necessary -
we do that in kuryr-kubernetes DevStack plugin in regards to e.g.
CONTAINER_ENGINE), then we should be easily able to extract it in the
future if needed. My only concern is that if any future OpenStack
project wanted to deploy K8s on its DevStack, devstack-plugin-container 
would certainly not be first place they would look at.

Anyway let's just start with something and see where it carries us.
It'll definitely need a lot of work to develop the plugin to the point
it could be used by kuryr-kubernetes, so it's just a start.

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