[PTL][release][stable] Pike transitioning to Extended Maintenance phase

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Mon Apr 8 11:28:44 UTC 2019

> > According to the stable policy, that should happen 18 months after the release
> > [0]. That means we should have made the switch in February, if my math is
> > right.
> >
> > We will need to work through the details to actually put that in effect, but
> > for now I wanted to remind teams that we do not do releases after a stable
> > branch enters this phase. So this is a call for action for any teams that have
> > been backporting fixes that time is short to get a final release out while you
> > can.
> >
> > The release dates for each cycle can be found on the releases site [1].
> Thanks Sean!
> How about this to catch us up:
> 1. This week I'll propose one change per team[1] to create a release
>    from the current HEAD for stable/pike and tag that as pike-em
> 2. Just like with other procedural releases teams are free to +/-1 /
>    suggest fixes.
> 3. We merge any that have PTL/Liaison +1 as we get the approvals
> 4. Any that aren't explicitly -1'd by April 22nd get merged that week
> 5. Others get discussed at the Summit/PTG.
> 6. We release the remainders during the week of May 6th
> 7. May 13th we formally transition pike to EM
> Yours Tony.

That sounds like a good plan to me, thanks Tony!

This should give teams some time after the stein work settles down to do any
final backports they think are important before that final release and
transition to EM.

I wonder if we should just make that the general policy that we will wait a few
weeks after the current series final release so there is a window where teams
don't need to be worrying both about current work and stable backport work. At
least once things get back to aligning on six month windows.


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