[PTL][release][stable] Pike transitioning to Extended Maintenance phase

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Mon Apr 8 11:25:15 UTC 2019

On Sat, Apr 06, 2019 at 02:52:52PM -0500, Matt Riedemann wrote:
> On 4/6/2019 4:10 AM, Sean McGinnis wrote:
> > Backports can happen already to stable/stein. We just would not be able to do a
> > stable release off of there until next week - April 11 to be precise.
> Yeah and we've been doing backports but holding them until the stein GA - is
> it safe to assume we're past any last minute RC issues for stein and can
> start merging stable/stein backports to go into the first stable/stein
> release?

That is a good point, and one I almost followed up to my orginal comment about.
You are correct, the main reason teams may want to hold of on backporting
anything at this point would be on the off chance that there is a very critical
bug found before the final release. Only backporting that critical fix makes it
a lot easier than needing to pick up a bunch of not quite so critical changes.

The final RC deadline was last Thursday, but we did end up with a couple
projects that found bugs important enough to make an exception.

Final release happens this Wednesday. I would say it's probably safe now to
backport, but I suppose until that final release is complete, there is some
risk that something could still happen.

So lesson for the future for all of us - it probably is better to be
conservative like Nova has been and not actually start backporting fixes to the
current stable branch until it really has been released and entered that full
stable branch state.

Great point!


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