[release] Release countdown for week R-18, Dec 3-7

Sean McGinnis sean.mcginnis at gmx.com
Thu Nov 29 16:09:18 UTC 2018

Welcome back from the Summit and holidays. Back to our regularly scheduled
countdown emails.

Development Focus

With the longer development cycle we are still a few weeks out until milestone
2. Hopefully folks got some good input and feedback and the Summit and Forum.
Teams should be taking input and adjusting any earlier plans as needed based on

General Information

Now may be a good time for teams to check on any stable releases that need to
be done for your deliverables. If you have bugfixes that have been backported,
but no stable release getting those. If you are unsure what is out there
committed but not released, in the openstack/releases repo, running the command
"tools/list_stable_unreleased_changes.sh <cycle_name>" gives a nice report.

Upcoming Deadlines & Dates

Start using openstack-discuss ML: November 19 (in case you missed it)
Stein-2 Milestone: January 10

Sean McGinnis (smcginnis)

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