[glance] Interoperable Image Import: Plugin configuration ignored

Bernd Bausch berndbausch at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 03:57:05 UTC 2018

Exploring image import on Rocky. My cloud is a Devstack. To permit image 
import, I modified it so that it runs Glance not as uwsgi processes 
behind Apache, but as standalone processes.

The glance-direct image import process (create, stage, import) works - 
except that the configured plugin is simply ignored.


image_import_plugins = [inject_image_metadata]

inject = "import-type":"user-import"
ignore_user_roles = admin

/etc/glance/policy.json contains:

     "get_task": "",
     "get_tasks": "",
     "add_task": "",
     "modify_task": "",
     "tasks_api_access": "role:admin",

Yet imported images are lacking the configured metadata. I added a few 
LOG calls. get_import_plugins() in 
glance/async/flows/plugins/__init__.py tells me that 
image_import_plugins = []. It looks like the configuration in 
glance-image-import.conf is ignored or not read at all.

How can I find out what I am doing wrong?

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