Any way to reply to archived messages?

Ben Nemec openstack at
Tue Nov 27 23:36:13 UTC 2018

On 11/26/18 4:31 PM, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
> On 2018-11-26 15:36:04 -0600 (-0600), Ben Nemec wrote:
>> Let's say hypothetically someone procrastinated too long on the
>> mailing list switchover and missed some messages on
>> openstack-discuss, but now wants to reply to them. Is there any
>> way to do that without breaking the threading in people's clients?
>> Perhaps some way to request a message from the archive to be sent
>> to me (err, this hypothetical person ;-).
> Sure! It's *slightly* hacky but looking at the archive of your
> message, for example:
> You'll see that your obfuscated E-mail address near the top is a
> hyperlink. The "In-Reply-To" parameter content can be turned into a
> message header of the same name like:
>      In-Reply-To: <b63bf848-d58f-f461-c47f-53d21bd21d3a at>
> ...and added to the other headers in the reply you're composing.
> This should preserve threading for everyone just fine. If you want
> to scrape it from the HTML, just note that the "<", ">" and "@"
> characters are %-encoded as "%3C", "%3E" and "%40" respectively so
> you'll need to decode them before putting them into the header.

Nice, thanks! Dan Smith sent me the thread so I could reply directly, 
but I did play around with this a bit and was able to send an email with 
the header present so it looks like that would have worked.

> An alternative solution is to visit the top archive index at
> and you'll
> see that next to each month (in this case we only have November so
> far) there's a "Downloadable version" linked. Following that link
> will simply bring up a concatenated plaintext version of the month's
> archive in mbox format (new messages start with "From " at the
> beginning of the line) and keyword search for the message you're
> looking for, then copy the content of its "Message-ID" header into
> an "In-Reply-To" header for your reply.

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