Any way to reply to archived messages?

Jeremy Stanley fungi at
Mon Nov 26 22:31:16 UTC 2018

On 2018-11-26 15:36:04 -0600 (-0600), Ben Nemec wrote:
> Let's say hypothetically someone procrastinated too long on the
> mailing list switchover and missed some messages on
> openstack-discuss, but now wants to reply to them. Is there any
> way to do that without breaking the threading in people's clients?
> Perhaps some way to request a message from the archive to be sent
> to me (err, this hypothetical person ;-).

Sure! It's *slightly* hacky but looking at the archive of your
message, for example:

You'll see that your obfuscated E-mail address near the top is a
hyperlink. The "In-Reply-To" parameter content can be turned into a
message header of the same name like:

    In-Reply-To: <b63bf848-d58f-f461-c47f-53d21bd21d3a at>

...and added to the other headers in the reply you're composing.
This should preserve threading for everyone just fine. If you want
to scrape it from the HTML, just note that the "<", ">" and "@"
characters are %-encoded as "%3C", "%3E" and "%40" respectively so
you'll need to decode them before putting them into the header.

An alternative solution is to visit the top archive index at and you'll
see that next to each month (in this case we only have November so
far) there's a "Downloadable version" linked. Following that link
will simply bring up a concatenated plaintext version of the month's
archive in mbox format (new messages start with "From " at the
beginning of the line) and keyword search for the message you're
looking for, then copy the content of its "Message-ID" header into
an "In-Reply-To" header for your reply.
Jeremy Stanley
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