[openstack-ansible] Evaluating meeting schedule + method

Mohammed Naser mnaser at vexxhost.com
Tue Nov 27 16:50:12 UTC 2018

Hey everyone:

Over the past few weeks, the OpenStack Ansible meetings have had
increasingly less attendance.  In addition, the engagement seems to be
decreased as well.

I think IRC meetings are generally awful and it's really hard to come up
with a proper engagement, because you get pulled into 60 other things and
the meeting gets forgotten.  I'd like to suggest a few things:

- Look into a voice-based meeting system which is recorded + notes: This
will help with engagement and discussion, we'll actually be able to get
things done.
- Change meeting topics: perhaps people don't care about what we discuss?
- Change meetings to once every 2 weeks or month (or even cancel them).

I'm sending this to the community to hear what they have to say about this.


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