[openstack-dev] [vitrage] I have some problems with Prometheus alarms in vitrage.

Ifat Afek ifatafekn at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 12:30:20 UTC 2018


A deleted instance should be removed from Vitrage in one of two ways:
1. By reacting to a notification from Nova
2. If no notification is received, then after a while the instance vertex
in Vitrage is considered "outdated" and is deleted

Regarding #1, it is clear from your logs that you don't get notifications
from Nova on the second compute.
Do you have on one of your nodes, in addition to nova.conf, also a
nova-cpu.conf? if so, please make the same change in this file:

notification_topics = notifications,vitrage_notifications

notification_driver = messagingv2

And please make sure to restart nova compute service on that node.

Regarding #2, as a second-best solution, the instances should be deleted
from the graph after not being updated for a while.
I realized that we have a bug in this area and I will push a fix to gerrit
later today. In the meantime, you can add to
InstanceDriver class the following function:

    def should_delete_outdated_entities():
        return True

Let me know if it solved your problem,

On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 1:50 PM Won <wjstk16 at gmail.com> wrote:

> I attached four log files.
> I collected the logs from about 17:14 to 17:42. I created an instance of
> 'deltesting3' at 17:17. 7minutes later, at 17:24, the entity graph showed
> the dentesting3 and vitrage colletor and graph logs are appeared.
> When creating an instance in ubuntu server, it appears immediately in the
> entity graph and logs, but when creating an instance in computer1 (multi
> node), it appears about 5~10 minutes later.
> I deleted an instance of 'deltesting3' around 17:26.
>> After ~20minutes, there was only Apigateway. Does it make sense? did you
>> delete the instances on ubuntu, in addition to deltesting?
> I only deleted 'deltesting'. After that, only the logs from 'apigateway'
> and 'kube-master' were collected. But other instances were working well. I
> don't know why only two instances are collected in the log.
> NOV 19 In this log, 'agigateway' and 'kube-master' were continuously
> collected in a short period of time, but other instances were sometimes
> collected in long periods.
> In any case, I would expect to see the instances deleted from the graph at
>> this stage, since they were not returned by get_all.
>> Can you please send me the log of vitrage-graph at the same time (Nov 15,
>> 16:35-17:10)?
> Information  'deldtesting3' that has already been deleted continues to be
> collected in vitrage-graph.service.
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