Let's use [dev] for development discussions

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Wed Nov 21 08:38:16 UTC 2018

Hi openstack-discuss,

As part of the ML merge, we introduced a number of subject prefixes to 
help subscribers filter discussions. The most important ones are to use:

[dev] For discussions that are purely development-oriented
[ops] For discussions that are purely operations-oriented

Of course (as we have realized with the amount of cross-posted topics), 
most discussions benefit from input from all our contributors, whether 
they come from an development or an operational background. For those, 
there is no need to apply [dev] and/or [ops] prefixes, just try to be 
informative by adding the project name, team name or other information 

You can ping specific populations by adding:

[tc] Discussions of interest for TC members
[uc] Discussions of interest for UC members
[ptl] Discussions of interest for all PTLs
[release] Release team, release liaisons and PTLs

You can also specifically use (with care):

[all] For discussions that should really be of interest to EVERYONE

See (and add!) other common subject prefixes at:

Thanks for your help in making this common list more navigable.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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