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Julia Kreger juliaashleykreger at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 22:45:45 UTC 2018

During the Forum in Berlin, the Technical Committee along with interested
community members took some time to look back at the vision that written in
early 2017.

We had three simple questions:
* What went well?
* What needs improvement?
* What should the next steps be?

To summarize, the group thought the vision helped guide some thoughts and
decisions. Helped provide validation on what was thought to be important.
We have seen adjacent communities fostered. We didn't solely focus on the
vision which was viewed as a positive as things do change over time. It
helped us contrast, and in the process of writing the vision we reached the
use of the same words.

Most importantly, we learned that we took on too much work.

As with most retrospectives, the list of things that needed improvement was
a bit longer. There was some perception that it fell off the map, and that
not every item received work. Possibly that we even took the vision too
literally and too detailed as opposed to use it as more a guiding document
to help us evolve as time goes on. There was consensus that there was still
room to improve and that we could have done a better at conveying context
to express how, what, and why.

For next steps, we feel that it is time to revise the vision, albeit in a
shorter form. We also felt that there could be a vision for the TC itself,
which led to the discussion of providing clarity to the role of the
Technical Committee.

As for action items and next steps that we reached consensus on:

* To refine the technical vision document.
* That it was time to compose a new vision for the community.
* Consensus was reached that there should be a vision of the TC itself, and
as part of this have a living document that describes the "Role of the TC".
** ttx, cdent, and TheJulia have volunteered to continue those discussions.
** mnaser would start a discussion with the community as to what the TC
should and shouldn't do. For those reading this, please remember that the
TC's role is defined in the foundation bylaws, so this would be more of a
collection of perceptions.
* TheJulia to propose a governance update to suggest that people proposing
TC candidacy go ahead and preemptively seek to answer the question of what
the candidate perceives as the role of the TC.

The etherpad that followed the discussion can be found at:

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