[openstack-dev] [horizon] Font awesome currently broken with Debian Sid and Horizon

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Wed May 30 15:06:39 UTC 2018

On 05/30/2018 04:13 PM, Ivan Kolodyazhny wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
>     As my python3-xstatic-font-awesome removes the embedded fonts
> It sounds like you broke xstatic-* packages for Debian and use something
> we don't test with Horizon at all.
> Speaking about Rocky/master version, our upper-constraint
> XStatic-Font-Awesome=== [1]. We don't test horizon with font
> awesome v 5.0.10.
>     Second, it'd be nice if Horizon could adapt and use the new v5
>     font-awesome, so that the problem is completely solved.
> +1. I'll put my +2/A once somebody provides a patch for it with a
> detailed description how can I test it. Unfortunately, Horizon team has
> a very limited set of resources, so we can't adopt new version of
> xstatic-* fast :(.
> [1] https://github.com/openstack/requirements/blob/master/upper-constraints.txt#L61
> Regards,
> Ivan Kolodyazhny,
> http://blog.e0ne.info/


The point of Xstatic packages is so that, in distributions, they depend
on the asset which is packaged separately, so that there's no
duplication of data in the distro. In this case, the
python3-xstatic-font-awesome package depends on the fonts-font-awesome
package. And it is the later that got updated in Debian. I don't
maintain it, so it's not my fault. This broke many packages, including
the openstackdocstheme also.

Of course, I could revert what was previously done, and have
python3-xstatic-font-awesome to contain the fonts data again. But that's
not desirable.

What we really want is have Horizon fixed, and use a newer version of
font-awesome (ie: v5) if possible. Using only glyphs from fa-solid-900
will make it possible to have Horizon work with both v4 and v5, which
would be even better (of course, package maintainers would have to set
correct links to the right font file, but that's a packaging detail).


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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