[openstack-dev] [docs] Style guide for OpenStack documentation

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Mon May 28 17:24:57 UTC 2018

On 2018-05-28 16:40:13 +0200 (+0200), Petr Kovar wrote:
> I'm all for openness but maintaining consistency is why style guides
> matter. Switching to a different style guide would require the following:
> 1) agreeing on the right style guide,
> 2) reviewing our current style guidelines in doc-contrib-guide and updating
> them as needed so that they comply with the new style guide, and,
> 3) ideally, begin reviewing all of OpenStack docs for style changes.

I get this (and alluded to as much in my first message in this
thread, in fact). My point was that _when_ you're to the point of
evaluating switching to a wholly different style guide it would be
great to take such concerns into account. It also serves as a
cautionary tale to other newly forming projects (outside OpenStack)
who may at some point stumble across this discussion. Please choose
free tools at every opportunity, I sure wish we had in this case.
Jeremy Stanley
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