[openstack-dev] [tripleo] Using derive parameters workflow for FixedIPs

Saravanan KR skramaja at redhat.com
Thu May 24 10:52:48 UTC 2018

As discussed in the IRC over <subject>, here is the outline:

* Derive parameters workflow could be used for deriving FixedIPs
parameters also (started as part of the review
* Above derivation should be done for all the deployments, so invoking
of derive parameters should be brought out side the "-p" option check
* But still invoking the NFV and HCI formulas should be based on the
user option. Either add a condition by using the existing
workflow_parameter of the feature [or] introduce a workflow_parameter
to control the user preference
* In the derive params workflow, we need to bring in the separation on
whether, we need introspection data or not. Based on user preference
and feature presence, add checks to see if introspection data is
required. If we don't do this, then introspection will be become
mandatory for all deployments.
* Merging of parameter will be same as existing with preference to the
user provided parameters

Future Enhancement
* Instead of using plan-environment.yaml, write the derived parameters
to a separate environment file, add add it to environments list of
plan-environment.yaml to allow heat merging to work

Saravanan KR

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