[openstack-dev] Setting-up NoVNC 1.0.0 with nova

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Sun May 20 16:33:37 UTC 2018

On 5/20/2018 6:37 AM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> The novnc package in Debian and Ubuntu is getting very old. So I thought
> about upgrading to 1.0.0, which has lots of very nice newer features,
> like the full screen mode, and so on.
> All seemed to work, however, when trying to connect to the console of a
> VM, NoVNC attempts to connect tohttps://example.com:6080/websockify  and
> then fails (with a 404).
> So I was wondering: what's missing in my setup so that there's a
> /websockify URL? Is there some missing code in the nova-novncproxy so
> that it would forward this URL to /usr/bin/websockify? If so, has anyone
> started working on it?
> Also, what's the status of NoVNC with Python 3? I saw lots of print
> statements which are easy to fix, though I even wonder if the code in
> the python-novnc package is useful. Who's using it? Nova-novncproxy?
> That's unlikely, since I didn't package a Python 3 version for it.

Stephen Finucane (stephenfin on irc) would know best at this point, but 
I know he ran into some issues with configuring nova when using novnc 
1.0.0, so check your novncproxy_base_url config option value:



"If using noVNC >= 1.0.0, you should use vnc_lite.html instead of 




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