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Nadathur, Sundar sundar.nadathur at intel.com
Thu May 17 20:36:51 UTC 2018

Hi all,
     Thanks for all the feedback. Please see below.

2018-05-17 1:24 GMT+08:00 Jay Pipes <jaypipes at gmail.com 
<mailto:jaypipes at gmail.com>>:

    Placement already stores usage information for all allocations of
    resources. There is already even a /usages API endpoint that you can
    specify a project and/or user:


    I see no reason not to use it.

  This does not seem to be per-project (per-tenant). Given a tenant ID 
and a resource class, we want to get usages of that RC by that tenant. 
Please LMK if I misunderstood something.

As Matt mentioned, Nova does not handle accelerators and presumably 
would not handle quotas for them either.

On 5/16/2018 11:34 PM, Alex Xu wrote:

    2018-05-17 1:24 GMT+08:00 Jay Pipes <jaypipes at gmail.com
    <mailto:jaypipes at gmail.com>>:


        There is already actually a spec to use placement for quota
        usage checks in Nova here:


    FYI, I'm working on a spec which append to that spec. It's about
    counting quota for the resource class(GPU, custom RC, etc) other
    than nova built-in resources(cores, ram). It should be able to count
    the resource classes which are used by cyborg. But yes, we probably
    should answer Matt's question first, whether we should let Nova
    count quota instead of Cyborg.

here is the line https://review.openstack.org/#/c/569011/

Alex, is this expected to be implemented by Rocky?
>         Probably best to have a look at that and see if it will end up
>         meeting your needs.
>               * Cyborg provides a filter for the Nova scheduler, which
>             checks
>                 whether the project making the request has exceeded
>             its own quota.
>         Quota checks happen before Nova's scheduler gets involved, so
>         having a scheduler filter handle quota usage checking is
>         pretty much a non-starter.
This applies only to the resources that Nova handles, IIUC, which does 
not handle accelerators. The generic method that Alex talks about is 
obviously preferable but, if that is not available in Rocky, is the 
filter an option?
>         I'll have a look at the patches you've proposed and comment there.
>         Best,
>         -jay

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