[openstack-dev] [Zun] Relocate jobs from openstack/zun to openstack/zun-tempest-plugin

Hongbin Lu hongbin034 at gmail.com
Wed May 16 21:44:55 UTC 2018

Hi all,

I have a series of patches for moving gate jobs from openstack/zun to


Moving forward those patches will incur a period of time that our gate will
have no tempest tests coverage. Therefore, I will have to fast-approve
those series of patches to minimize the transition period, so I sent this
email to collect feedback before performing the fast-approval .

The goal of those patches is to move the job definitions and playbooks from
openstack/zun to openstack/zun-tempest-plugin. The advantages of such
change are as following:

* Make job definitions closer to tempest test cases so that it is optimal
for development and code reviews workflow. For example, sometime, we can
avoid to split a patch into two repos in order to add a simple tempest test
* openstack/zun is branched and openstack/zun-tempest-plugin is branchless.
Zuul job definitions seem to fit better into branchless context.
* It saves us the overhead to backport job definitions to stable branch.
Sometime, missing a backport might lead to gate breakage and blocking
development workflow.

All, what do you think? If there is no concern, I will fast-approve the
series of patches in a few days.

Best regards,
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