[openstack-dev] Zuul memory improvements

Jimmy McArthur jimmy at openstack.org
Wed May 2 19:44:01 UTC 2018

Congrats on the improvements, Jim! Sounds like this is going to make a 
huge difference.  Go Zuul!


> James E. Blair <mailto:corvus at inaugust.com>
> April 30, 2018 at 10:03 AM
> Hi,
> We recently made some changes to Zuul which you may want to know about
> if you interact with a large number of projects.
> Previously, each change to Zuul which updated Zuul's configuration
> (e.g., a change to a project's zuul.yaml file) would consume a
> significant amount of memory. If we had too many of these in the queue
> at a time, the server would run out of RAM. To mitigate this, we asked
> folks who regularly submit large numbers of configuration changes to
> only submit a few at a time.
> We have updated Zuul so it now caches much more of its configuration,
> and the cost in memory of an additional configuration change is very
> small. An added bonus: they are computed more quickly as well.
> Of course, there's still a cost to every change pushed up to Gerrit --
> each one uses test nodes, for instance, so if you need to make a large
> number of changes, please do consider the impact to the whole system and
> other users. However, there's no longer a need to severely restrict
> configuration changes as a class -- consider them as any other change.
> -Jim
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