[openstack-dev] [devstack][qa] Changes to devstack LIBS_FROM_GIT

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Wed Mar 28 20:21:38 UTC 2018


I've proposed a change to devstack which slightly alters the
LIBS_FROM_GIT behavior.  This shouldn't be a significant change for
those using legacy devstack jobs (but you may want to be aware of it).
It is more significant for new-style devstack jobs.

The change is at https://review.openstack.org/549252

In summary, when this change lands, new-style devstack jobs should no
longer need to set LIBS_FROM_GIT explicitly.  Existing legacy jobs
should be unaffected (but there is a change to the verification process
performed by devstack).

Currently devstack expects the contents of LIBS_FROM_GIT to be
exclusively a list of python packages which, obviously, should be
installed from git and not pypi.  It is used for two purposes:
determining whether an individual package should be installed from git,
and verifying that a package was installed from git.

In the old devstack-gate system, we prepared many of the common git
repos, whether they were used or not.  So LIBS_FROM_GIT was created to
indicate that in some cases devstack should ignore those repos and
install from pypi instead.  In other words, its original purpose was
purely as a method of selecting whether a devstack-gate prepared repo
should be used or ignored.

In Zuul v3, we have a good way to indicate whether a job is going to use
a repo or not -- add it to "required-projects".  Considering that, the
LIBS_FROM_GIT variable is redundant.  So my patch causes it to be
automatically generated based on the contents of required-projects.
This means that job authors don't need to list every required repository

However, a naïve implementation of that runs afoul of the second use of
LIBS_FROM_GIT -- verifying that python packages are installed from git.

This usage was added later, after a typographical error ("-" vs "_" in a
python package name) in a constraints file caused us not to install a
package from git.  Now devstack verifies that every package in
LIBS_FROM_GIT is installed.  However, Zuul doesn't know that devstack,
tempest, and other packages aren't installed.  So adding them
automatically to LIBS_FROM_GIT will cause devstack to fail.

My change modifies this verification to only check that packages
mentioned in LIBS_FROM_GIT that devstack tried to install were actually
installed.  I realize that stated as such this sounds tautological,
however, this check is still valid -- it would have caught the original
error that prompted the check in the first case.

What the revised check will no longer handle is a typo in a legacy job.
If someone enters a typo into LIBS_FROM_GIT, it will no longer fail.
However, I think the risk is worthwhile -- particularly since it is in
service of a system which eliminates the opportunity to introduce such
an error in the first place.

To see the result in action, take a look at this change which, in only a
few lines, implements what was a significantly more complex undertaking
in Zuul v2:


Finally, a note on the automatic generation of LIBS_FROM_GIT -- if, for
some reason, you require a new-style devstack job to manually set
LIBS_FROM_GIT, that will still work.  Simply define the variable as
normal, and the module which generates the devstack config will bypass
automatic generation if the variable is already set.


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