[openstack-dev] [refstack] Full list of API Tests versus 'OpenStack Powered' Tests

Arkady.Kanevsky at dell.com Arkady.Kanevsky at dell.com
Thu Mar 15 14:16:30 UTC 2018

For compliance it is sufficient to run https://refstack.openstack.org/#/guidelines.
But it is good if you can also submit fill Tempest run.
That is used internally by refstack to identify which tests to include in the future.
This can be submitted anonymously if you like.

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Re-posting this question to ‘OPENSTACK REFSTACK’,
Any guidance on what level of compliance is required to qualify for the OpenStack Logo ( https://www.openstack.org/brand/interop/ ),
See questions below.


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Subject: [openstack-dev] [refstack] Full list of API Tests versus 'OpenStack Powered' Tests

I have a commercial OpenStack product that I would like to claim compliancy with RefStack
·         Is it sufficient to claim compliance with only the “OpenStack Powered Platform” TESTS ?
o    i.e. https://refstack.openstack.org/#/guidelines
o    i.e. the ~350-ish compute + object-storage tests
·         OR
·         Should I be using the COMPLETE API Test Set ?
o    i.e. the > 1,000 tests from various domains that get run if you do not specify a test-list


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