[openstack-dev] Pros and Cons of face-to-face meetings

Jeremy Stanley fungi at yuggoth.org
Thu Mar 8 18:06:16 UTC 2018

On 2018-03-08 17:49:35 +0000 (+0000), Flint WALRUS wrote:
> Pretty easy, put the PTG online with a livestream on
> YouTube/Hangout/whatever platform that will then be saved and could even be
> watched later on!
> It’s just a matter of some hardware and a decent internet bandwidth that’s
> already available to almost every places where a PTG took place.
> Problem solved.

Have you ever actually tried it? I know this seems simple to "solve"
with technology, but put 50 people in a room having a heated
conversation (or sometimes several conversations at once) and then
try to bridge some people in via phone, video conference, whatever
and see how it works out in reality.

The times it's been tried, either the remote participants get
frustrated because nobody is paying attention to them/speaking into
microphones/keeping discussion to one thread at a time, or the
in-person participants get frustrated because they have to start
acting like they're all on separate telephones and drag down the
bandwidth of the conversation to the point where it may as well be
100% remote/separate participation anyway.

We've made it work to varying degrees in the past, but it's not so
simple as you would seem to imply no matter how good the technology.
Jeremy Stanley
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