[openstack-dev] [openstack-ansible] Meetings change (PTG discussion follow-up)

Jean-Philippe Evrard jean-philippe at evrard.me
Tue Mar 6 15:51:22 UTC 2018


During the PTG, we've discussed about changing our meetings.
I'd like to have a written evidence in our mailing lists, showing what
we discussed, and what we proposed to change. I propose we validate
those changes if they get no opposition in the next 7 days (deadline:
13 March).

What we discussed was:
- Should the meetings be rescheduled, and at what time;
- Should the meetings be happening in alternance for US/Europe
friendly timezones;
- What is the purpose/expected outcome of those meetings;
- What is the reason the attendance is low.

The summary is the following:
- The expected outcome of bug triage is currently (drumroll....)
actively triaging bugs which produces better deliverables (what a
- The expected outcome of the community meeting is to discuss about
what we actively need to work on together, but we are doing these kind
of conversations, ad-hoc, in the channel. So if we summarize things on
a regular basis to make sure everyone is aware of the conversations,
we should be good.
- The timezone friendly things won't impact the attendance positively.
- Right now, the Europe meetings can be postponed of one hour, but
decision should be re-discussed with daylight saving.
- A lot of ppl have meetings at 4PM UTC right now.

As such, here is the PTG proposed change:
- Moving the bug triage meeting to 5PM UTC until next daylight saving change.
- Keep the "Focus of the week" section of the bug triage, to list what
we discussed in the week (if more conversations have to happen, they
can happen just after the bug triage)
- Removing the community meeting.

Any opposition there? If we are all okay, I will update our procedures
next week.

Best regards,

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