[openstack-dev] [DriverLog] DriverLog future

Matt Riedemann mriedemos at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 12:19:03 UTC 2018

On 3/1/2018 10:44 AM, Ilya Shakhat wrote:
> For those who do not know, DriverLog is a community registry of 
> 3rd-party drivers for OpenStack hosted together with Stackalytics [1]. 
> The project started 4 years ago and by now contains information about 
> 220 drivers. The data from DriverLog is also consumed by official 
> Marketplace [2].
> Here I would like to discuss directions for DriverLog and 3rd-party 
> driver registry as general.
> 1) Being a single community-wide registry was good initially, it allowed 
> to quickly collect description for most of drivers in a single place. 
> But in a long term this approach stopped working - not many projects 
> remember to update the information stored in some random place, right?
> Mike already pointed to this problem a year ago [3] and the idea was to 
> move driver list to projects (and thus move responsibility to them too) 
> and have an aggregated list of drivers produced by infra. Do we have any 
> progress in this direction? Is it a time to start deprecation of 
> DriverLog and consider transition during Rocky release?
> 2) As a project with 4 years history DriverLog's list only increased 
> over the time with quite few removals. Now it still has drivers with the 
> latest version Liberty or drivers for non-maintained projects (e.g. 
> Fuel). While it maybe makes sense to keep all of them for operators who 
> run older versions, it may produce a feeling that the majority of 
> drivers are old. One of solutions for this is to show by default drivers 
> for active releases only (Pike and ahead). If done this will apply to 
> both DriverLog and Marketplace.
> Any other ideas or suggestions?

As having recently went through that repo to update some of the nova 
driver maintainers, I noted the very old status of several of them.

I agree this information should live in the per-project repo 
documentation, not in a centralized location. Nova does a decent job 
about keeping the virt driver feature support matrix up to date, but 
definitely not when it's a separate repo. This is a similar problem to 
the centralized docs issue addressed as a community in Pike.

The OSIC team tried working on a feature classification effort [1] for a 
few releases which was similar to the driver log, specifically for 
showing which drivers and features had CI coverage. That work is *very* 
incomplete and no longer maintained, and I've actually been suggesting 
lately that we drop it since misinformation is almost worse than no 

I suggested to Mike the other day that at the very least, the driver log 
docs should put a big red warning, like in [1], that the information may 
be old.

[1] https://docs.openstack.org/nova/latest/user/feature-classification.html




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