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Ruby Loo opensrloo at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 13:53:24 UTC 2018


I don't want to hijack the initial thread, but am now feeling somewhat
guilty about not being vocal wrt Storyboard. Yes, ironic migrated to
Storyboard in the beginning of this cycle. To date, I have not been pleased
with replacing Launchpad with Storyboard. I believe that Storyboard is
somewhat still-in-progress, and that there were/are some features (stories)
that are outstanding that would make its use better.

>From my point of view (as a developer and core, not a project manager or
PTL) using Storyboard has made my day-to-day work worse. Granted, any
migration is without headaches. But some of the main things, like searching
for our RFEs (that we had tagged in Launchpad) wasn't possible. I haven't
yet figured out how to limit a search to only the 'ironic' project using
that 'search' like GUI, so I have been frustrated trying to find particular
bugs that I *knew* existed but had not memorized the bug number.

I haven't been as involved upstream this cycle, so perhaps I have missed
other emails that have mentioned how to get around or do things with
Storyboard. I would caution folks that are thinking about migrating; I wish
we had delayed it until there was better support/features/stories
implemented with Storyboard. At the time, I was also negligent about
actually trying out Storyboard before we pushed the button (because I
assumed it would be ok, others were using it, why wouldn't it suffice?)
Perhaps Storyboard can address most of my issues now? Maybe updated
documentation would help? (I believe the last time I tried to use
Storyboard was 2 weeks ago, when I was 'search'ing for an old bug in
Storyboard. I gave up.)

I apologize for not writing a detailed email with specific examples of what
is lacking (for me) and in hindsight should have sent out email at the time
I encountered issues/had questions. I guess I am hoping that others can
fill-in-the-blanks and ask for things that would make Storyboard (more)

No, I didn't watch any videos about using Storyboard, just like I've never
watched any video about using Launchpad, Trello, jira, <whatever>. I did
try looking for documentation at some point though and I don't recall
finding what I was looking for.


On Thu, Jun 7, 2018 at 4:25 PM, Kendall Nelson <kennelson11 at gmail.com>

> Hello :)
> I think that these two goals definitely fit the criteria we discussed in
> Vancouver during the S Release Goal Forum Session. I know Storyboard
> Migration was also mentioned after I had to dip out to another session so I
> wanted to follow up on that.
> I know it doesn't fit the shiny user facing docket that was discussed at
> the Forum, but I do think its time we make migration official in some
> capacity as a release goal or some other way. Having migrated Ironic and
> having TripleO on the schedule for migration (as requested during the last
> goal discussion) in addition to having migrated Heat, Barbican and several
> others in the last few months we have reached the point that I think
> migration of the rest of the projects is attainable by the end of Stein.
> Thoughts?
> -Kendall (diablo_rojo)
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