[openstack-dev] [puppet] [PTL] [Election] PTL candidacy for the Stein cycle

Tobias Urdin tobias.urdin at crystone.com
Tue Jul 31 10:13:46 UTC 2018

Hello Stackers,

I'm submitting myself as PTL candidate for the Puppet OpenStack project. [0]

I've been active in the OpenStack community since late 2014 early 2015
and have had a lot of focus on the
Puppet OpenStack project since about 2016. I've been a core reviewer for
about five months now and it's
been really cool to be able to give something back to the community.

We have had a lot of progress this cycle.

* Remove a lot of deprecate parameters
* Improved testing of Puppet 5
* Added Debian 9 support (Python 3 only)
* Added Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic support
* Fixed some bugs
* Moved to more usage of the shared openstacklib resources
* Added neutron-dynamic-routing support
* Added horizon dashboard installation support
* Changed keystone to use port 5000 and deprecated usage of port 35357
(still deploys both)

I could ramble up a lot more in that list but I really think we've done
a good job but we still have some major things
moving forward that we'll have to work on. Here is some major things I
think we'll need to work on or discuss.

* Python 3 will be a big one, I know people are working on Fedora for
testing here, but we also have Debian9 here
   which is python3-only so thanks to Thomas (zigo) we have somebody
that has paved the way here.

* Puppet 5 data types for parameters and removing validate_* functions
is a big one which we also have an open blueprint
   and PoC for but will require a lot of interaction with the TripleO
team. [1] [2]

* CI stability and maintenance will be a reoccurring thing we'll need to
focus on.

* Puppet providers are usually slow due to CLI utilies, we need to work
together to improve the performance of
   the CLI tooling or consider the move to API calls, this has been up
before but there hasn't been anybody there
   that has sponsored such work.

I want to really thank all of you for your huge amounts of work, all
across the OpenStack board and the Puppet OpenStack team.
Thank you for considering me.

Best regards
Tobias (tobasco @ IRC)

[0] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/587372/
[1] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/568929/
[2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/569566/

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