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Fox, Kevin M Kevin.Fox at pnnl.gov
Thu Jul 19 16:11:28 UTC 2018

The primary issue I think is that  the Nova folks think there is too much in Nova already.

So there are probably more features that can be done to make it more in line with vCenter, and more features to make it more functionally like AWS. And at this point, neither are probably easy to get in.

Until Nova changes this stance, they are kind of forcing an either or (or neither), as Nova's position in the OpenStack community currently drives decisions in most of the other OpenStack projects.

I'm not laying blame on anyone. They have a hard job to do and not enough people to do it. That forces less then ideal solutions.

Not really sure how to resolve this.

Deciding "we will support both" is a good first step, but there are other big problems like this that need solving before it can be more then words on a page.


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Zane Bitter wrote:
> [...]
>> And I'm not convinced that's an either/or choice...
> I said specifically that it's an either/or/and choice.

I was speaking more about the "we need to pick between two approaches,
let's document them" that the technical vision exercise started as.
Basically I mean I'm missing clear examples of where pursuing AWS would
mean breaking vCenter.

> So it's not a binary choice but it's very much a ternary choice IMHO.
> The middle ground, where each project - or even each individual
> contributor within a project - picks an option independently and
> proceeds on the implicit assumption that everyone else chose the same
> option (although - spoiler alert - they didn't)... that's not a good
> place to be.

Right, so I think I'm leaning for an "and" choice.

Basically OpenStack wants to be an AWS, but ended up being used a lot as
a vCenter (for multiple reasons, including the limited success of
US-based public cloud offerings in 2011-2016). IMHO we should continue
to target an AWS, while doing our best to not break those who use it as
a vCenter. Would explicitly acknowledging that (we still want to do an
AWS, but we need to care about our vCenter users) get us the alignment
you seek ?

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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